Real Estate IQ
CRM Integrations

Complete Real Estate Investor Systems

Every successful investor needs a CRM to manage your leads so you can close more deals. Our CRM system uses the Podio platform for maximum investor flexibility & support.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation to organize deal flow and increase closings

Complete System for:

  • - Wholesalers
  • - Fix & Flip
  • - Buy & Hold

The market is competitive and you deserve the best to be successful. Set yourself apart and don’t settle for cheap CRM’s!


With REIQ’s CRM integrations, you can create your own unique marketing and deal flow systems.

  • Automated phone calls, voice messages, texts
  • Scripts
  • Reminders
  • Sequences
  • Integration with:
  • Call Rail
  • Mojo Dialer
  • Maps

REIQ Off Market Leads App

Data comes from Real Estate IQ and is automatically synced with your Podio account

REIQ Deals App

Integrated with your automated MLS Deal Finder searches and County Data Finder searches. Receive deals instantly in your Podio account.

Deals App

Track the status of your deals and trigger workflows, tasks and reminders for Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Wholesale

Wholesale Leads App

Connect Podio with your wholesale lead emails. It just takes a one-time Zapier setup to connect your email leads to Podio

Accounting App

Track all expenses by project and generate periodic reports

Owner Finance Buyers App

Automate and track incoming owner finance buyer leads via a web intake form – we provide you the code to embed on your website

Contacts List App

Manually add and track your contacts here

Vendors App

Track quotes, payments, create accounting alerts, 1099s and periodic reports

Marketing Integration

Integrate Podio leads and statuses with Mojo Dialer and Call Rail


Incredible high end customization

We take customization to the next level by adding specialized service directly from our engineers.

Application Engineers

Your own specialty customer Service Engineer

Design your own system

Our engineer will help you adapt the CRM to fit your own systems and marketing plan


The price below is in addition to your REIQ monthly subscription.










There may be additional fees charged by Podio (for additional users), Call Rail, and Mojo Dialer (for additional users).

One-time Setup Fee Includes

Technical Integration Setup

Three hours of personalized training

On-going Customer Service