Real Estate IQ now has
Off Market Leads in Washington

Are you looking to invest in one of the hot markets in Washington?

With a range that has reached a further and wider scope.

Finding and analyzing Off Market Leads has stepped up a notch as it is now accessible to Washington DC’s Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Be in the loop with the updated list of leads that could turn into deals. 

With a vast variety of strategies to choose from, real estate investing is now a breeze.

Leverage your real estate investing career with Washington DC’s off market leads. Check them out here.

*Receive email addresses and phone numbers for property owners! Also includes flags for deceased or banckruptcy, and contact information for a close relative.

Do you want help contacting these motivated sellers? A Virtual Assistant might be the answer!

We research, clean, and aggregate the data and send you an updated list of off-market leads every day (M-F). Faster leads mean better leads!

Our research department uses a scientific approach with mechanisms to improve data quality. We have dozens of researchers checking every county in the major metropolitan areas every day.

On top of the data we research, we add key analytics for the investor to make better decisions. Many lists include the assessed value of the property, an estimate of the owner’s equity and the equity percentage.


Our focus is to be a solution-based company where you as the investor get plentiful and well-organized data to make well-informed decisions.

A successful investor is good at seizing the opportunity to be the first buyer to bid on a home without competition from other buyers. Given the volume of pre-foreclosures and foreclosures in the market, there is no time to look at them all.


The key is to develop a screening process to efficiently eliminate deals that are a waste of time and quickly end up with a manageable set of qualified, quality prospects.

Below are the available leads in each county.


A property bought at a foreclosure auction in Florida can be redeemed by the homeowner. Contact the motivated sellers during the pre-foreclosure period and obtain properties with high investment potential.

Delinquent Taxes

Catch distressed homeowners before the county tries to foreclose on their property.


Contact heirs that may want to sell their newly inherited properties.


Tired landlords may want to get rid of a troublesome property.


Financially distressed homeowners who may think the liens would prevent the sale of their property.

Code Violations

Find possibly vacant properties with issues such as tall weeds/grass, unsafe structures, trash piles, etc. 

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