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Lisa Walker is sharing her contract knowledge! You can’t afford to miss out on this!


We will review this contract for Investors to use. Covering how to avoid common errors and the differences in- filling out the contract. It depends on whether you are the buyer or seller. There are possible issues and “outs” associated with each side that you need to be aware of when using this contract.

We will cover this commonly used contract for residential real estate and frequently used addendums and more:

  • How can the Buyer get out of the contract and get back their Ernest Money? (There are many!)
  • How can the Seller get out of the contract?
  • What recourse does each party have when the other is in default?
  • Who needs to fill out a Sellers Disclosure?
  • What items are included and excluded in the contract?
  • Who gets minerals and other interests?
  • Do utilities need to stay on till closing?
  • Can the seller refuse my access to the property?
  • Can the seller do the repairs requested themself?
  • What if the house catches on fire while under contract?
  • Can you get rid of the current tenant or raise their rent after you close?
  • Why do an Option Period?
  • What can the buyer object to?
  • Can you use an old survey?
  • What is “shortages in the area”?
  • How are property taxes handled?
  • When does Earnest Money & Option Period fee need to be delivered by?
  • What type of deed does the seller need to provide?
  • When do you need other addendums?
  • What options do I have with Seller Financing?
  • When does the Lead Addendum need to be used?
  • What can non-realty addendum affect and when should you use it?
  • How can Homeowner’s Association affect the contract?
  • What issues can be with the Third-Party addendum?
  • Should we do a temporary lease for the buyer or seller?


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