BGI Capital is a unique provider of traditional, specialty, and bridge financing to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and businesses whose clients invest in residential and commercial real estate. Led by Managing Partners Kenneth Baboun and Robert Barthelmess, BGI Capital is a direct lender that manages its own funds, allowing for flexible lending, same-day authorizations, and expeditious closings. As formidable leaders in finance, banking, commercial real estate, and residential development, Baboun and Barthelmess fuse their respective expertise and experience to offer relationship-focused, specialized direct lending solutions. BGI Capital is proficient in both development and commercial real estate and possesses the capability to place debt with larger banks. With a broad network of lenders, BGI Capital is able to structure loans that benefit unique clients and situations, enabling them to surpass traditional lending firms.

In its brief history, BGI Capital has already exceeded $100 million in business in the local real estate market. The firm’s consistent growth and strategic planning ensure that BGI Capital will secure a foothold in South Florida real estate and become a recognized leader in lending

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175 Southwest 7th Street, Miami, Florida 33130, United States of America

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