CompEdge is a full service insurance brokerage. We provide a complete range of insurance products, as well as the training and support necessary to create a competitive edge.

Our unique resources and methodology enables advisors to wisely navigate their clients' scenarios, options and needs. From analysis to product research to in-depth training and support, CompEdge guides advisors toward long-term success.

Depending on you and your client’s specific objectives, CompEdge can guide you through a comprehensive host of potential solutions including:

•Life & Annuity Product Sales •Life & Annuity Product Research •Sales & Product Training •Client Situation Analysis & Case Design •Insurance Illustrations & Quotes •Marketing Strategies •New Business Support •Case Management •Suitability & Compliance Support

Our expert consultants will conveniently provide sales training on the subtleties of these annuity and insurance plans, while also providing in-house sales and new business support to help ensure you continued success!


6710 Horizon Road, Rockwall, Texas 75032, United States of America

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