Product Certification

Want to be a

Certified Specialist?

Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn

Earn while continuously improving your ideas on how real estate investing really works. You can even get a chance to become our next Product Specialist or Certified Instructor!

Grow with Us

Grow with Us

Increase your network big time. The more network you have, the more ideas you can get, and the more deals you can do!

Know the Tools

Know the Tools

Gain an in-depth understanding of how each tool works and secure an edge in running your business by maximizing the use of each tool.

Level 1


Certified Product Specialist

Unlock your skills and maximize your knowledge by learning the basic REIQ tools.

Step 1:

Complete Training On All Products

Learn more about the different types of Off Market Leads that REIQ provides.

Become proficient in finding MLS deals and running market analyses. Fast and easy with Fast CMA.

Acquire the skill to search the county tax records and create targeted lists for marketing to different types of property owners.

Learn about the Skip Tracing process, and how we deliver relevant homeowner information with a variety of Skip Tracing packages.

Master estimating repairs and creating a rehab budget with our easy-to-use calculator.

Gain understanding of our exit strategy calculators for wholesale, fix & flip, buy & hold and owner finance.

Step 2:

Take our Online Assessment

Taking this hassle-free assessment will test your knowledge on our tools and other information you need to know. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Step 3:

Receive a Certified Product Specialist License

Benefits include:

  • Two (2) REIQ banners for marketing
  • Request a printed certification for a minimal fee
  • FREE workshop on giving demos

Level 2


Certified Instructor

As a certified REIQ Instructor, you can teach classes to earn extra income. You can also recruit associates and partners to build your own sales team.

Step 1:

Complete Train-the-Trainer (T3) sessions for the following products:

A tool to assist you in effectively conducting Off Market Deal discussions and understanding different strategies clients can apply to their business.

A tool to guide you in showcasing active leads from the MLS and how clients can build confidence in the analysis of their chosen property.

A tool to guide you in highlighting how the tool can help clients better understand the tax assessment of properties and focus the marketing lists they create.

A tool to guide facilitators in discussing the types of skip tracing and how this can be helpful in the client’s businesses.

A guide for facilitators in highlighting the benefits of the tool and how this can be a life-saver when clients are strategizing for their business.

Benefit 1:

Get personalized training
for profit!

Here at Real Estate IQ, your growth is our top priority! You can now design and manage your personalized training program, and guess what? You can also earn while doing this!

Benefit 2:

Receive a Certified
Instructor License

  • Two (5) REIQ banners for marketing
  • Request a printed certification for a minimal fee
  • Attend REIQ Webinars