Welcome to Real Estate IQ’s free monthly housing market report! We know it’s critical for real estate investors to have the best information available to make intelligent investing decisions. For that reason, we created our own real estate market trends!

This free report includes December’s housing market data in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Utah. We broke down the states and observed the Median Sales Price, Total Number of Active Listings, Days on the Market, and Months of Inventory in some of their most relevant Metro Areas (like Austin-San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Tampa, Georgia, and more!).

As a result, you’ll get complete real estate market trends that provide you with each month’s full picture – plus monthly and yearly comparatives. Furthermore, we also include information on our Off Market Leads.

We want you to avoid spending a second looking for real estate statistics in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Utah. Thus, we created a document that keeps you posted in all the real estate market trends you need to understand the industry and make wise choices.

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January’s Real Estate Market Trends highlights

November and December were quiet months, with slight variations in the most relevant indicators. However, the holidays made their appearance and – as expected – contributed to a decrease in the available inventory. Typically, December is a slow month, and sellers tend to hold their properties until spring. And this trend can be seen in the month-over-month variation in Nº of Active Listings. With an average drop of 13%, some of the measured areas reached higher levels – like Dallas, with 22.8% less houses on the market during December.

However, year-over-year numbers still showed that the market remains strong. For instance, in the measured areas, Median Sales Prices went up from 11.7% (in Miami – Dade, FL) to 29.7% (in Austin – Round Rock, TX). But not all hope is lost. Even though 2021 was the strongest housing market in 15 years, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there are some hidden gems to keep an eye on! NAR spotted ten housing markets with “strong underlying housing market fundamentals but where home prices are still undervalued and relatively affordable.” Learn where they are and how to take advantage of them in our free real estate market trends report!

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