In SHOP SOLUTIONS LLC we work with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics and deliver finished products that stand the test of time. We bring a proactive approach to every project, with the ability to match specific areas of expertise to your specific project requirements. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in being honest and transparent.


SHOP SOLUTIONS LLC evaluates projects ,provides cost estimates, helps maintain project scheduling, and works with owners to meet quality and time goals.

We believe open communication between the project team and the client is a key component to the success of each project. Our clients take comfort in knowing our quality and commitment remain steadfast.


Our company’s unique culture creates happier, more fulfilled employees who, in turn, provide great craftsmanship and deliver a good service to our customers.


In every project, we pay attention to details, as this is important to maintain efficiency. SHOP SOLUTIONS LLC is competent in keeping track of details. We understand that being detail-oriented improves our accuracy when performing tasks, and contributes to our capacity to foresee challenges and address them successfully.

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