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to building a 6-figure side hustle business

Building a company from scratch is tough. And expanding it is even harder! Steve Liang – founder of Real Estate IQ, and a Spiritual Capitalist – did it six years ago. And in this free eBook, he reveals the 10 hidden keys to building a side hustle business successfully. If you were looking for guidance into growing your business, you’d find everything you need here. Plus, real-life examples and learnings, so you make fewer (and hopefully cheaper) mistakes along the way.


The secret tool to optimize time and money

Not sure how to develop a marketing strategy for your real estate business? Then search no more, because we have the solution you’ve been searching for! This free eBook has the ultimate secret behind every successful real estate investor. Automate processes, develop a marketing strategy, and work with colleagues as a team while saving up time and money. Plus, get tips on how to reach out to market sellers and the eight steps to close a deal.


We’re here, and we also invest

Though many statistics talk about the gender gap, real estate women tend to succeed. 64% of all realtors are female, and we spoke to two of them! Find in-depth interviews with our very own Becky Kromminga and Geovana Prieto-Martinez on how they started in this industry and the challenges they faced. Also, you’ll get a beginner’s guide with tips to start working in the real estate industry. Plus, insights on the Latin market and advice from investors Candy Durham, Karishma Makhani, and Sonia Medrano.