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Are you ready for an exciting journey that combines real estate investing,
technology, and leadership?

We are hungry for talent!

We are looking for creative and motivated individuals to join our adventure as we enter the hyper growth stage. There are lots of exciting opportunities to grow within the Real Estate IQ platform; the sky’s the limit for those who strive to excel!

Our goal at Real Estate IQ is to bring technological advances, big data, intelligence augmentation, and predictive analytics into the real estate investment industry. We want to help beginning and seasoned investors understand their markets, think smarter, and act quickly.

Real Estate IQ is a platform for strong and ethical business people to thrive, prosper, and make a positive impact on our local community. Here is how you can become an integral part of it.


Spread the word about Real Estate IQ!

As a volunteer at Real Estate IQ events, you have the opportunity to increase your real estate investment network. Make connections that will help you build your business while you deepen your knowledge and understanding of investing.


This position also comes with the potential to earn commissions and discounts on your Real Estate IQ service.

Deal Finding Associate

You have made the best decision in your life to launch your real estate investment business.

Two of the most important aspects of jumpstarting your business are education and your network. As a Deal Finding Associate, you will learn the secrets of Deal Finding, and you will have the opportunity to represent Real Estate IQ at corporate sponsored events to grow your business network.


As an added bonus, the Deal Finding Associate will also have access to our Deal Finding and Premium products (Total of $7,500+ Value).

We are only interested in working with long term players with a long term mindset, who aspire to be future leaders. Serious Applicants only.

Deal Finding Speaker

Share your expertise in using Real Estate IQ products! 

You have used Real Estate IQ to create a thriving Real Estate Investment business, and you are looking for the next BIG THING to take your business to the next level. The Real Estate IQ Deal Finding Training is the perfect stage for you.

As a Deal Finding Speaker, you will be running your own Deal Finding Training every month to teach beginning and seasoned investors how to find the best deals on the market. You will quickly gain market leader status, and many good things will start coming to you and your business (ie. deals!).

This prestigious leadership role is only for experienced real estate investors who have built a reputation in the market by being a strong and ethical business person.

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