Houston – Premium Off Market Leads ($1.00 for 150 leads)



Get a sneak peek of Premium Off Market Leads with this special benefit! As a member of Total Wealth Academy, you have an exclusive opportunity to receive 150 skip-traced leads. It’s time to see for yourself that we have the best tools available to invest in real estate in Texas!


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This one-time trial for $1.00 will give you 150 Premium Off Market Leads. That means you’ll receive 150 residential and commercial motivated sellers, with their skip tracing information (addresses and phone numbers) already included!


The Premium Off Market Leads includes:

  • The freshest data mined straight from the courthouses.
  • Best coverage and first-hand information – cleaned, organized, and analyzed by our research team.
  • Residential and commercial off market properties.
  • Skip tracing data of residential leads included.
    • Up to 5 cell phone numbers
    • Up to 5 landline numbers
    • Up to 5 email addresses
    • The contact information of a close relative
    • Flags for bankruptcy and deceased


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