Company Culture

#1 In Deal Finding!

The Three Uniques

These are what set us apart from our competition and make us #1 in Deal Finding!

Lead Generation

We give you the highest number of quality leads of distressed and motivated sellers.

Quality Training

Our platform is very easy to use - and we have both live and online training events to help you use our systems to the fullest!


We are leaders in the REI community and you can tap into our extensive network.

Real Estate IQ

We bring technological advances, big data, intelligence augmentation, and predictive analytics into the real estate investment industry.

The Community

We provide an all-in one access for our valued clients–beginning and seasoned investors and help them connect and understand their markets, think smarter, and act quickly.

Our Guarantee

at Real Estate IQ!”

How We Started

Small Beginnings, Big Vision.

Real Estate IQ was founded in 2013 by Juan Carlos Cruz and Steve Liang. It was first named MLS Deal Finder, which focused on analyzing the real estate market and identifying houses that are good investment opportunities. 


Over time, a greatly expanded line of products have been developed which led to the name change of Real Estate IQ. Now, 5 years later, Real Estate IQ is greatly known to be #1 in Deal Finding. The company has also established solid niches in the real estate industry leading to investor success.

Our Leaders

Creating Through Real Estate Investments

Juan Carlos Cruz

Co-founder & Visionary


Steve Liang

Co-founder & CEO


Becky Kromminga

Houston Market Leader


Joseph Sun de la Cruz

Joseph Sun De La Cruz

Austin-San Antonio Market Leader


Rodney Rush

Dallar Fort-Worth Business Development


Joseph James

Commercial Real Estate Advisor