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The purpose of the Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association is to provide a dynamic networking and educational environment for all real estate investors from full time seasoned investors to newbies, homeowners, and real estate professionals. Everyone involved with MD-REIA will have the opportunity to further their real estate education and create a stronger network to enhance their business and real estate investing.

What is MD-REIA?
The Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association is an organization that qualifies their corporate members to enhance the networking platform and provide solid contacts for real estate investors, real estate professionals and homeowners. It is our intention through not only our monthly meetings, but also the special seminars and boot camps, to educate our community and to increase their probability of success in real estate with the knowledge we provide. The ongoing networking is endless, and as a result, those that become members will continue to evolve as successful real estate professionals and investors. MD-REIA provides a friendly and professional atmosphere which promotes the collective effort and allows all members to grow by learning from each other’s experiences. The MD-REIA, while becoming established, is in association with and is owned by the same owners as The Broward Real Estate Investors Association. BREIA is one of the largest and most successful investors associations in the State of Florida. Our plan is to create a synergy between Miami Dade and Broward, making us one of the most connected and powerful real estate organizations in the country!

Who Attends and Why?
Those who attend MD-REIA come from various backgrounds and all walks of life, all with one thing in common … real estate. Attendees range from people with limited schooling to those who have completed post-graduate work. The people we want to be involved with The Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association come from various backgrounds and all walks of life. However, they all have one thing in common ….. real estate. People that attend our meetings range from people with limited education in real estate to those who have a PHD in real estate investing. Whether they work full time or part time, they all desire to have a place in the world of real estate investing. We attract as many professionals as we can that support the real estate investors. These people can be anyone from attorneys to title agents, mortgage brokers or real estate agents, and even contractors or plumbers. Anyone that can be of value to real estate investing and all of whom have knowledge and expertise to add to our member’s investing success. MD-REIA is a diverse group for anyone who yearns to prosper in the real estate industry.

Mentoring Programs
Beyond National Speakers and seminars, we have education programs here for the local South Florida market. Our mentoring program is regarded as the best program in the country! We teach those that are passionate about becoming successful Wholesaling and Flipping properties. From our day to day mentoring program, to our 4 boot camp events per year, we have all the education you would need to become successful in this market!


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