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16922 Colony Creek Drive, Spring, Texas 77379, United States of America


Here at The Wealth Club, our focus is YOU!

·      Content and meetings are tailored toward the needs of our members to provide the right access to the resources and people needed to succeed.

·      We create an environment that gives you the inspiration and motivation to take action.

·      Our meetings are designed to bring in high quality speakers on topics relevant to our local market.


Meeting/Education Topic Examples
Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor, Marketing & Wholesaling your Deals, Rehabbing your Deals, Buying Profitable Rental Properties, Transitioning from JOB to Investor, Creative Financing – Funding your Deals, Buying Commercial Deals, and so much more.


Networking is one of the most important things to do.  At the same time for most people, it is the hardest thing to do.  Networking is how you meet people that will help you grow your business.


Whether you are one of our members or you just come for the monthly meetings, we have the greatest group of Vendors in town.  Vendors play a major role in our businesses.  Our vendors are tried and true professionals in our local real estate market.  If you want to be a Real Estate Investor, you need to have our vendors on your team.


30-minute Call with Steve
As a new member, you are offered a 30-minute phone call with Steve Vigil, President of The Wealth Club.  During this call you are welcome to discuss any questions you may have about Real Estate Investing.


Deal Support Line
Need help with your deal?  Visit our website and submit the form.  We will help you with your deal, from running comps all the way through getting the deal under contract.  We may even partner with you!


Coaching (Personal, Video & Virtual)


Personal Coaching
Our Coaching Program is exclusive to only a handful of selected students each year.  This assures our students get our full attention.  We take our students by the hand as we teach you to set goals, build your plan, put that plan into action.  We walk you through your deals from start to finish.  Students become part of our team, and our team is our family.


Your Roadmap to Success Video Coaching
This video series was created to be the partner that helps guide you into the market and be a successful real estate investor.  Giving you that extra set of eyes to find and evaluate deals, we teach you how to build a strong foundation by goal setting and plan creation.  Gives success for full- or part-time investors with a coach you can take with you everywhere you go.  We have a new added benefit to our Video Coaching Series!  With the purchase of Your Roadmap to Success Video Coaching Series, you will receive one hour of Virtual Coaching with Steve.  This will provide a one-on-one opportunity to ask questions about your business and discuss any real estate related topics.


Virtual Coaching
This is a new program that we have launched for 2020.  Virtual Coaching is Personal Coaching and includes the Video Coaching Series.  It allows you to work with us virtually by phone and email on a more flexible schedule.

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