Fuse Funding was founded with a mission in mind: To help individuals and companies secure real estate loans quickly, safely and reliably. Traditional borrowing today is burdened by red tape that paralyzes the banking industry. We aim to work in parallel with the conventional banking, to provide a complimentary service, to free you of this inconvenience and prioritize efficiency and directness. Our network comprises accredited investors and family offices, as well as borrowers who meet the highest standards of diligence and accreditation.

In today’s economy, where banks are burdened by regulatory complexities, borrowers need clarity around securing loans. This process must remain unfettered by stifling bureaucracy. Our company seeks to create an environment where borrowers can benefit from a seamless and integrated lending experience.

We are industry leaders who provide quick and reliable first mortgage real-estate loans — faster and more efficiently than any leading bank. We’ve made applying for a real estate loan easy. To find out if you are qualified, tell us how much you would like to borrow, for how long and what collateral you seek to pledge. We will get back to you within days to secure the details of your loan. Our loan process is convenient and aims for the highest standards — we save you hassle while providing a reliable avenue for borrowing money.

Fuse Funding is run by experts in operating real estate with a deep understanding of residential investment and commercial finance, who agree that the traditional path for procuring and securing loans has been overcome by endless bureaucracy and burdensome regulations. The company’s principals and advisers share a common philosophy: Growth in a modern economy requires a modern way to borrow money.


900 Northwest 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311, United States of America

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