Who is Global: Global Private Funding (Global) is a Private Equity Lender that specializes in Financial Packaging and Business Incubation. Global’s collective management experience of over 100 years ensures delivery of creative strategies and solutions that work.

Why Global: When other avenues prove ineffectual, Global will get you back on track. We can do everything that’s required so that you can focus on your core competency.

The People: As a financier, we count every person who is paid by Global clients and contractors as those of our own. its our hard work that effects their lives, most importantly, our mistakes effect families and generations.

Global’s focus: Global's primary market remains equity based funding, private label credit cards and private warehouse lines for banks.

Global’s SOP: Global is not a licensed direct lender and lends only through established banks and debt servicers. Global is a wholesale buyer/seller of private and institutional notes. Global is able to selectively invest (“cherry-pick”) among notes of its banking affiliates

Global’s Philosophy: At Global, cash flow is King. Global’s approach is cash-flow centric which supports a company-wide blended return rate of over 23%.

What does Global want: Global is currently seeking sellers, buyers, entrepreneurs, lenders and investors in markets in all countries.

Global’s motto: Global Private Funding, ‘a perfect marriage between dollars and good sense’.


Beverly Hills, California, United States of America

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