Loan Originator Services, LLC is a spin off from a long established company in the Seller Financing and Loan Servicing industry in Texas. With over 35 years of Seller Financing experience, we are more in tune with the challenges of the industry than any other Loan Origination Company. We will support you by keeping you in compliance.


Loan Originator Services, LLC is your solution to loan origination for seller/lender finance mortgage loans. As a result of the mortgage crisis of 2008, the mortgage industry has undergone a huge makeover with substantial changes in compliance requirements. The year 2014 is marked with additional changes to this industry. Loan Originator Services is on top of these federally mandated changes and will continue to stay abreast of all future changes in order to keep you in compliance, thereby protecting you from possible liability. This is particularly crucial for seller finance individuals that may attempt to process their own mortgage loans. With various ranges in interest rate factors determining loan types and risk factors, you need to know your exposure risk.


211 West Jefferson Avenue, Harlingen, Texas 78550, United States of America

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