The Company's President is a landlord, real estate investor and licensed Realtor who has bought, sold, owned and managed condos, single-family homes, multi-family homes and apartment complexes. The President has purchased dozens of bank-owned properties and successfully negotiated hundreds of real estate short sales. The President has previous real estate fund experience having served as Chief Investment Officer of a REIT (real estate investment trust), where he developed the REIT's initial property investment strategy, hired the original team of employees, raised over $100 million to invest in residential property oversaw the first $20 million of all property acquisitions.


Our Guiding Principles

“Clear Values Make For Clear Decisions”



We have a passion for real estate—we live it and we love it.  Our mantra is to earn healthy returns without taking unnecessary risks.  We make carefully calculated investments where there is an over-abundance of reward to risk and we’ve seen it pay off in our long-term performance record.  Dedication, commitment, vision, and hard work are what drive us.  Our entire team strives to consistently deliver strong returns to build equity in our fund which protects our capital partners’ investment dollars.



We hold ourselves to the highest possible professional and ethical standards.  We have a long history as problem-solvers in the real estate space.  While some people in our industry value short term stats above doing what’s right, we’ve created an environment where doing the right thing is the only acceptable way to do business.  We stepped in when the big banks failed and delivered assistance to struggling homeowners who thought there was nowhere left to turn.  We’ve built a solid foundation delivering strong returns that our capital partners can rely on when markets are up and in lean times as well.



Transparency builds trust and deepens relationships—strong relationships and trust are the foundations of our business.  We are dedicated to helping our capital partners achieve their personal financial goals and we can only do that effectively by being totally open and honest about our real estate business.


Shared Success

Our success is directly linked to the success of the investor clients who participate in our fund.  When our capital partners win, we win, not the other way around.  We treat every dollar of investor money with the same level of care and concern we do with our own money.  We want to build lasting relationships and we look for capital partners who share our values.


777 Passaic Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 07012, United States of America

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