What if you had inside information? What if there was someone who really knew the secrets that could make or save you thousands of dollars? Well, there is.

The time has arrived to remove the cloak of mystery surrounding buying, selling, or brokering notes.

Our goal is to separate the myths from reality when it comes to seller financing and private mortgage notes.

There are simple truths surrounding owner-financed notes that should be revealed. Too many people leave money on the table through lack of knowledge. Worse yet, others prey on their lack of information.

Whether a note seller, buyer, broker, investor, real estate agent, or cash flow consultant, we can all benefit from knowledge and straightforward answers.

The note or paper business is a legitimate industry that many people use to liquidate what may be there most valued asset. It has been providing my full-time income since 1988 and Fred Rewey, co-author, has been at it over 15 years. In fact Fred and I met through the note business, became business partners, and married in 1997. It has provided us a good life and financial independence for our family.

What is the best way to handle a seller-financed transaction? Where do you go for the best price? How do you find qualified professionals and avoid the less than reputable? How can you make money in the note business?

We will answer these questions drawing from our 35 years of combined experience, sometimes gained through the school of hard knocks. We have bought and sold our own properties using seller financing rather than bank loans.

We have sold notes for a discount and bought notes for income.

We have worked for institutional investors packaging notes for Wall Street, and we’ve been start-up note buyers, making calls from the kitchen table.

We have made referral fees by being the middleman, and we’ve invested in notes ourselves through credit lines and retirement accounts.

We have taught classes, received rewards, and written books. We say all this to substantiate, that, without a doubt, we know our business.

We are dedicated to sharing this knowledge and our Note Investing Tools so you can confidently buy, broker, create, or sale real estate notes for profit.


To Your Success,

Tracy Z and Fred Rewey

Note Investing Tools by Diversified Investment Services, Inc.


7512 Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32819, United States of America

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