NPL Manager® has identified a need by NPL Noteholders for better and more timely visibility into workflow processes, deadlines and asset valuation.

Real-time status and data updates from service providers

The dashboard provides the most current payment status on a Re-Performing Loan from the loan servicer or the collection/foreclosure status on Non-Performing loan from the law firm. Centralized data and reporting is the touchstone of NPL Manager.

Direct communication with service providers

Send a question and receive a message back. A list of all communications is attached to each loan, providing instant tracking and the ability to analyze data, even if the communication originates from multiple sources.

Embedded Business Intelligence

NPL Manager features Embedded Business Intelligence based on the Noteholder's pre-defined criteria. Simply dashboards display the status of each note or group of notes. Exceptions are identified quickly, giving the user real-time problem-solving capabilities.

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