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Receive daily updated lists of motivated and distressed sellers.

Our Premium lists come to you with the skip tracing* information already included! Our research teams know how and where to get the best and most relevant data, and how to interpret it.

*Receive email addresses and phone numbers for property owners! Also includes
 flags for deceased or bankruptcy, and contact information for a close relative.

Off Market Leads

We provide our lists daily (Monday-Friday)

Real Estate IQ provides you with lists of motivated sellers you can contact to get solid investment deals that you can wholesale, fix and flip, or buy and hold.

Our data is mined directly from the courthouses, and usually hits our lists one to two days after the documents are filed, so you always get the most up-to-date and relevant data.

**Skip tracing information for these leads are available in the Premium Off Market Leads Package.

  • Probate**
  • Pre-foreclosure**
  • Delinquent Taxes
  • Code Violations
  • Water Shut-off
  • Divorce

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Below are the available leads in each county.

**Water Shut-offDivorce


Contact heirs that may want to sell their newly inherited properties.


A property bought at a foreclosure auction in Florida can be redeemed by the homeowner. Contact the motivated sellers during the pre-foreclosure period and obtain properties with high investment potential.

Code Violations

Find possibly vacant properties with issues such as tall weeds/grass, unsafe structures, trash piles, etc. 

Delinquent Taxes

Catch distressed homeowners before the county tries to foreclose on their property.

**Water Shut-off

Contact owner who may have moved out, leaving the property vacant, or perhaps they couldn’t pay their bill or had another problem such as a burst pipe.

Once you sign up for our current service in an area, you will automatically get access to the other features as they become available.

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