If your marketing strategy involves phone calls, texts, or emails, our Premium Deal Finding Suite
lets you receive our top off-market lists with the skip-tracing already done for you!

Premium Deal Finding Suite

Target marketing will explode your ROI. Our Premium Deal Finding Suite will give you the data you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Now you can target any motivated seller in multiple ways:

Door Knocking

Direct Mail / Postcards

Phone Calls

Ringless Voicemail


Email Marketing

Facebook Ads Targeting

Receive Up to 5 Cell Phone Numbers, 5 Landline Numbers, and 5 Email Addresses for Thousands of Motivated Seller Leads:


Appointment of Substitute Trustee



Tax Sales



*We provide the best available data but results are not guaranteed. The quality and quantity of data varies per record. *Approximately 70% Data Accuracy and/or Availability


The Premium Deal Finding Suite also includes Commercial Off Market Leads.

This includes both residential and commercial properties on the following lists that are owned by a Commercial entity:  Preforeclosure,  Appointment of Substitute Trustee, Evictions, Tax Sales, Loan Modifications.
These leads do not include the skip tracing information.

Receive our top off-market lists with the skip-tracing already done for you using our Premium Deal Finding Suite!

The Premium Deal Finding Suite also includes our Deal Finding Suite, which consists of these easy to use and highly efficient tools for analyzing and searching for real estate deals.

Fast CMA

Let our computer automation run
comps for you

You don’t even have to be a real estate agent to get instant comps and analyze investment properties with confidence. 

Set your own parameters and see the pictures, location, agent comments, and relevant information for all recently sold, leased, or active MLS comparable properties.


Property Valuation is very time consuming – it typically takes a professional 20-30 minutes to complete a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis, or Comps). With Fast CMA’s unique automated valuation technology, your time can be spent more productively. Most of the complicated tasks that go into completing a CMA are actually clerical and repetitive. Without this software, these tasks are extremely time-consuming and tedious.

With a super computer doing most of the work, an automated CMA can be completed in merely seconds, and the real estate expert can spend his/her valuable time evaluating the actual deal instead. This program was created to do a large number of comps in a small amount of time!

Our data comes from a direct feed from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which has been consistently and carefully screened for data quality.

The information is always up-to-date, and consistent with the MLS for each marketplace.

Our AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) do the work, but you can quickly and easily choose which comparable properties you want to include in the report.

Make your decision based on the photos of each property, location on a map, recency of the sale, price per square foot, agent remarks, or property data such as number of bed/baths and square footage.

Simplify your due diligence process and let our technology work for you!

Our analytics provide you with a CMA report which includes comparable listings for sold, active, nonactive, and rental properties.

Do you have a large number of properties to analyze? Upload a list of your properties and have our Batch CMA feature automatically run and append the ARV and rental comps instantly!

*Available only in Deal Analysis Suite Plus

Off Market Leads

We provide our lists daily

Our research teams know how and where to get the best and most relevant data, and how to interpret it.

Receive daily updated lists of motivated and distressed sellers.

  • Probate & Heirship
  • Preforeclosure
  • Evictions
  • Divorces
  • * Loan Modifications
  • * Tax Sales
  • Appointment of Substitute Trustee
  • * Delinquent Taxes
  • * Code Violations
Off Market Leads Map

* These lists are included in our Premium Deal Finding Suite, but do not have skip tracing information attached.


We research, clean, and aggregate the data and send you an updated list of off-market leads every day (M-F). Faster leads mean better leads!

Our research department uses a scientific approach with mechanisms to improve data quality. We have dozens of researchers checking every county in the major metropolitan areas every day.

On top of the data we research, we add key analytics for the investor to make better decisions. Many lists include the assessed value of the property, an estimate of the owner’s equity and the equity percentage.

Our focus is to be a solution-based company where you as the investor get plentiful and well-organized data to make well-informed decisions.

A successful investor is good at seizing the opportunity to be the first buyer to bid on a home without competition from other buyers. Given the volume of pre-foreclosures and foreclosures in the market, there is no time to look at them all.

The key is to develop a screening process to efficiently eliminate deals that are a waste of time and quickly end up with a manageable set of qualified, quality prospects.

MLS Deal Finder Map
MLS Deal Finder

Thousands of valuations everyday

Search listed properties and receive real-time email notifications as soon as discounted houses hit the market. Speed is the key to winning deals and this technology will help you consistently beat your competition in locating the deals.


MLS Deal Finder’s proprietary technology scans thousands of properties every day, and identifies houses that are priced significantly lower than the market value. As soon as a house hits the market, MLS Deal Finder automatically comes up with an estimated market value for the house.

If the listing price is significantly lower than the estimated market value, we immediately flag the property and generate an analytics report.

IQ Discount™: A proprietary complex algorithm uses an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to instantly find discounted properties that are 20%, 30%, 40% or more below market value.

Rental Index™: When searching for a house to buy and hold, you are looking for higher cash flows. We have developed the Rental Index algorithm to find those properties with a higher lease value for the purchase price.

Say goodbye to the days you have to sit in front of the computer all day looking for deals. You can now get deals no matter where you are, because MLS Deal Finder is working 24/7 to find the best deals for you.

As soon as a discounted property hits the market, MLS Deal Finder will find it within minutes. It will then compile a complete CMA report and automatically send the information straight to your inbox. The report includes an automated valuation report of sold, active, nonactive and lease comparables.

County Data Finder

Over 10 million records of searchable data

Create targeted lists for marketing to anyone who owns property. Narrow your search of the county tax records  by ownership, property type, geography, land, home features, and value. Create basic and advanced reports in a format that is organized for investors.

County Data Finder map

Non-owner occupied

Out of State

High Equity


Company Owned

Empty Lots

Small Apartments

Mobile Homes

Farm and Ranch

ZIP Code


Land Value

Lot Size

Year Built

Square Footage

Number of Bedroom & Bathrooms

Market Value

Assessed Value

With the help of our property records and tools, you will save valuable time tracking down property owners, finding out how much a property is worth, and finding investment opportunities.

Capture leads before your competitors! This quick and efficient tool makes it easy to target certain geographic areas, and create mailing labels with owners’ names and addresses.

The truth is, there is an endless supply of these opportunities. . . and they are everywhere. Most people will never know about them, because they have no idea where to seek them out.

Our online and offline research teams work daily on the top counties in Texas. By being local, we know how and where to get the best and most relevant data, and how to interpret it.

  • Collin
  • Dallas
  • Denton
  • Tarrant
  • Parker
  • Ellis
  • Johnson
  • Harris
  • Fort Bend
  • Brazoria
  • Montgomery
  • Galveston
  • Comal
  • Hays
  • Travis
  • Williamson
  • Bexar
  • Over $2,000/Month Value for each Metro Area!
  • 1,500 Leads/month - $1,500+/month Value
  • Labor Costs - $600/month Value
  • Sense of freedom – Priceless : )
Repair Estimator

5-minute Rehab Budget for Every Investor

Investors must understand and be able to quickly do rehab budgets before placing an offer. With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to create a probable repair budget for any house in your marketplace. 

These calculators come with video training included.

Deal Analyzer

Exit Strategy Calculators for Wholesale, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold and Owner Finance​

With these calculators you enter 80% of the information once, and then you can analyze deal after deal quickly. They work for cash and finance scenarios. 

Easily calculate ROI (return on investment), cash-on-cash return, rental index, maintenance & holding costs, and your final profit for every single deal.


Our Irresistible Offers

Each suite includes: Fast CMA, MLS Deal Finder, County Data Finder, Off Market Leads, Repair Estimator, Deal Analyzer

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