ENTERPRISE – A Virtual Six-Month Coaching Program


ENTERPRISE – A Virtual Six-Month Coaching Program

Course Module One
Course Module Two
Course Module Three
Course Module Four
Course Module Five
Course Module Six

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A Virtual Six-Month Coaching Program

Course Module One:
– Introduction to Real Estate Investing
– Building Your Business Plan
– Setting Up Your Business
– Personal Financial Due Diligence

Course Module Two:

– Property Exit Strategies
– Wholesaling / Wholetailing
– Property Due Diligence
– Property Rehabbing

Course Module Three:

– Introduction and Overview to Buy and Hold Properties
– Property Assets and Classes
– Property Analysis and Cash Flow
– Managing Your Properties – Self Management vs. Professional Companies
– Case Studies and the Numbers

Course Module Four:

– Traditional Marketing – Budget and Plan
– Marketing 2020
– Negotiation
– Building Your Team

Course Module Five:

– Financing the Property – From A-Z
– Finding Sellers and Buyers
– Closing the Property – Title and Legal
– Networking

Course Module Six:

Advanced Skills and Techniques For
– Buying Properties
– Marketing Properties
– Land Development
– Commercial Properties
– Raising Capital
– Additional Streams of Income

Professional Coaching and Mentor Sessions
– Individual One-On-One Real Estate Coaching Call
– Weekly Group calls as announced
– 12 Months of Phone and Email Support
– 12 Months of Deal Submission Review
– Includes downloadable Documents, Scripts, etc.
– Membership in HBC REIA Facebook Group
– Online Virtual Training – 6 Months Included-$ 29/mo. Thereafter


Note: All pricing presented  is for out-of-state members/students only. Texas program pricing is more expensive because of Russcorp and HBC’s personal interaction with the student and projects.

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