The PIP Group's Founder and CEO, Charles Sells, began his career in real estate investing in 1998. Fast forward 6 years and the PIP Group was born.  Charles started with just $4,000 and 4 individual investors willing to place $20,000 in a little known investment: tax liens.

Due to his passion, hard work ethic, and what has become one of our company's core competencies, transparency,  the business was able to scale into what we know it as today. We now have serviced over 1000 investors both large and small with well over hundreds of thousands of transactions made for well over tens of millions of dollars each year.

The PIP Group is not a funded or pooled investment. Each client retains 100% control and ownership of each of their properties. We act as a servicing agent on behalf of each of our clients. In addition, we are a performance-based company. This means we get paid on the back end and how much is determined by how well the investment does. Just like you, we want to make money, so we strive to make the most profitable decisions in regard to the investment every time.

The PIP Group focuses on the highest interest yield tax liens, the highest amount of equity to secure the lien, and a high-yield compounding effect through reinvestment of redemption proceeds in more tax liens. Our strategy matched with a unique fee structure helps ensure our clients' success.


17 Executive Park Drive, Bldg 1, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

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