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Our goal is to provide our customers with a solid wood product at the most economical prices without compromising value, style and variety. We make every effort to achieve our company goals by maintaining significant balance between quality and affordability of our kitchen and bath products and services.

We established our own manufacturing facility along with our privately owned and carefully maintained forest-based in Asia, guaranteeing unlimited supplies of our own line of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, including framed and frameless options.

All our cabinets and vanities are constructed with 100% solid-wood door and frame. We place extra care in selecting our resources and materials that are directly imported from Russia, Canada, and the United States in addition to our own forest, further safeguarding the best resources and materials for manufacturing our cabinets. All of our kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, granite and quartz counter tops are manufactured with both high-tech machinery and hand-crafting by our professional and experienced production teams in our overseas factory. Our equally professional and experienced design/sales/fulfillment teams in our warehouses and showrooms throughout the U.S are committed to helping our current and potential customers select and design the most unique, stylish, and affordable dream kitchen and bath for their home with guaranteed direct factory prices.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Miami / Doral FL. Our in-house designers and wholesale distribution team are committed to the ultimate customer service and time-sensitive details. We also have a showroom in Pompano Beach, FL to better serve our retail customers in Broward / Ft Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches. We continue to believe that customer satisfaction is both the reward and the reassurance of our success in our company goals. We value our growth and continue striving to improve our products and services.

Why choose XR Cabinets ?

Countless studies have proven this fact time and time again: if you plan on raising your home’s equity, your kitchen should be where you start your remodeling! Guests and buyers alike tend to place special importance on the kitchen and for good reason. This room of homely cooking and fragrant aromas is arguably the most warm and inviting fixture in any home! That is why, if you’re looking to up the appearance or even value of your home, starting with your kitchen cabinets is an absolute must!

Fortunately, our team carries a stunning array of cabinet styles and makes sure to help you land the exact look you’re going for! From sleek and elegant to rustic and earthy, our cabinets, countertops, and more are sure to please homeowners of any style and preference! Speak to a professional from our team and start finding exactly what you need to turn your house into a home!


3031 NW 79th Ave, Miami, Florida 33122, United States

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