Cavache Properties LLC is a real estate development and Investment company based in Pompano Beach, Florida. The company is comprised of well-known and seasoned management, board members, and investors who have collectively developed over $2.5 Billion Dollars in commercial and residential real estate, representing over 200 hotels and resorts; 20,000 residential units and millions of square feet of office and retail space. The team consists of developers, architects, general contractors, land development contractors, real estate brokers and investment professionals.

Cavache understand that in the everchanging Florida real estate market you need to always plan a few years down the road in to be successful with the acquisition and development opportunities that are presented to us at any given time. The company is currently acquiring land and properties for commercial and residential development throughout the State of Florida with an emphasis in the South Florida Tri-County area.

The Cavache Properties Management Team has been involved in every aspect of the real estate spectrum since 1969; including design, development, and sales and marketing of multiple commercial and residential projects both in the United States and overseas. This includes condominiums, hotels, single family homes, townhouses, retail projects, office and more. For a complete list of projects please contact our office.


2125 East Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062, United States of America

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