FloodSafe USA, LP is the first company in the nation to introduce comprehensive automatic flood proofing technology into the residential and light-commercial building markets. Now you can protect your home or commercial building against flash-flooding or sustained flooding over a prolonged period of time. Just close and secure all exterior doors – walk away – and your structure is FloodSafe!


We are a full-service specialty flood protection company; providing consultation services + comprehensive design + construction solutions for the protection of homes and businesses from the devastating effects of water intrusion caused by surface water flooding.


Transparent or built-in wall coatings, attractive wall finishes, exterior door and window components, and innovative technology and methodologies seal water out without impairing normal function and with no unsightly alterations to the building façade and openings.



FloodSafe USA’s highly qualified team of professionals is equipped to evaluate your project-specific needs.  Our consultation services include flood assessment by our flood specialist and a detailed plan of action for the total protection of your existing or future structure.


Comprehensive Design

Comprehensive design means that we consider all aspects of the building’s needs to determine requirements for complete flood protection; including structural enhancement for greater-depth flooding, wall conditions, property drainage, and a number of other factors to determine the solution that best fits your needs to keep the water out.  The FloodSafe System takes all the components of flood protection and fits them together for fully automatic and aesthetically pleasing flood prevention.  We will then implement the flood-proofing process, using creative and cost conscious processes and highly skilled craftsmen, with one purpose in mind – to keep rising flood water out of your home or building!


Our Products

The revolutionary and U.S. patented technology developed and used by FloodSafe USA, LP is tested and proven. We guarantee 100% results!  We offer the most comprehensive selection of automatic floodproofing products on the market.  Automatic (also referred to as passive) floodproofing describes flood protection that does not require human intervention to prevent a flood.  Specially designed Flood Doors and Flood Windows will be installed and sealed into openings, and state-of-the-art composites and coatings will be integrated into exterior walls in an architecturally aesthetically pleasing manner without impairing normal function. Our patented wall system includes a combination of coatings, sealant materials, and specialized application techniques applied to the existing exterior wall to seal it watertight. Our team will resolve your flood problem with excellence!  Additionally, we are not limited to FloodSafe products. We work with the most reputable companies in our industry to provide whatever your project requires.


For more information on how you can protect your home or business from surface water flooding contact the professionals at FloodSafe USA today. We are here to assist you!


2257 Loop 336, Conroe, Texas 77304, United States of America

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