Georgia Capital is an Atlanta-based private lending company with a primary focus on short-term loans secured by real estate. Our clients utilize our loans, often referred to as "bridge" or "hard money" loans, when timing is a critical economic issue. We offer two significant advantages over banks and other regulated financial institutions: speed and flexibility.

n today's regulatory environment, banks and other lending institutions operate under complex state and federal guidelines that impact lending decisions and cause expensive and unnecessary delays. As a private company we make lending decisions based only on our own economic analysis and business judgment. For this reason, we are able to move quickly, often providing funding within a matter of days.

If you are a real estate developer or investor seeking capital for any purpose, your logical first choice is a bank. If you have the luxury of time and the tolerance to work through the imposed regulations, then a bank may be the right source for the funds you need. However, if timing is a critical economic consideration, we believe that Georgia Capital could be your best alternative.

Our goal is to provide short-term financing solutions. Once we close a loan, and the time pressure has been removed, we often assist our clients in obtaining replacement financing on more favorable terms. For this reason, many of our clients return to us for additional financing and routinely refer new clients to us.


Atlanta, Georgia 30305, United States of America

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