A Company That Lives on Finding Investment Properties for You

For years, real estate investors have leveraged traditional real estate practices to find and buy investment properties. But the real estate crash of 2008 changed everything. In a post-crash economy, our founders knew a traditional approach to an untraditional situation would not work. The traditional system had to be elevated to a new standard.


New Western Acquisitions was founded in Texas, 2008, to prove there was a better, smarter way to invest in real estate. And we did.


At New Western Acquisitions, we don’t just deliver investment properties; we eat, sleep, and breathe the investment market to better serve the goals of our investors.


To date, New Western has paired enough investors with their ideal single-family investment property to make us one of the largest sellers of investment properties in the nation.


5000 Riverside Drive, Irving, Texas 75039, United States of America

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